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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Voyageurs by GMcGillivray Large Computer

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I have found an important piece of history in Montreal!

I've been past this building a few times. I've wondered if it could have some information.

Seems to be another Rodney.

Digging for Roots: Old Photos It's probably time that you met Martha (Dool) Brown since we have been talking so much about her in these Digging For Roots boxes. Martha was born in Canada West in 1842, just a year or two after her Mother and Father came to Oxford-on-Rideau Township from Taylorstown in Northern Ireland. She married Robert Brown on June 10th in 1879, at the late age of 37. She still managed to raise four children before she died in 1917. She must have been very proud of the fact that her husband was one of the stone masons who built the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Courtesy of Rodney Brown, Merrickville, and James Gillespie, Kemptville, Ontario. I'm taking this Ancestral Digging for your roots class & found this on their site. @rodneybrown

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asking for Canadians NOT to buy the War of 1812 Canadian Mint.

I am asking Canadians to Boycott the purchase the these Commerative Canadian Mint productions which is not exactly shown on my picture; cause, this picture would have been more appropriate & respectful towards the NorthWest Company which helped Canada retain its present day borders. We lost NWCo trade routes which would have been Canadian property through the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. These States would have been part of Canada: Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota & North Michigan because NWCo had trading posts right to the mouth of the Columbia (which was named McGillivray River - by Simon Fraser & David Thompson) & the original map hangs in Toronto, which rightfully belongs to this family & not the University.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm reading "Empire of the Bay" by Peter C. Newman.

The book is not my favorite because of the HBC biased information, much of what he wrote was unsubstantiated historical ramblings, as if there would be no one to come around in history to speak for themselves, which thankfully, this descendant has emerged to set the records straight, because "the lords of the lakes & the forests are [NOT -sic] all passed away" p.138. The business documents of the amalgamation of 1821 are still Legal & Binding, much of the NWCo property was not given fair market value to this date. The Forts still earn tourist income.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MacGillivray Warbler - Information, a songbird I'd love to have.

8th Fire on CBC airs what it means to be Indian.

This got my blood boiling especially when I seen Brett Wilson patting himself on the back for hiring or helping First Nations people which when I asked him to help me expand my business by putting badges, crests & logos so that I could start working on this active Crown Patent & many other NWCo properties which are spread throughout Canada. I receive no help financially to litigate, whereas Assembly of First Nations receive tons of money to fight their issues in court but when this Treaty Indian with Metis Scottish background approaches them for help I am shirked aside. I went through the Indian Residential School system, paid for my own Healing trip to St. Augustine, Florida where Capt. Richard Henry Pratt started the project to Kill the Indian Save the Man, I have yet to make it to Pennsylvania Carlysle Indian Residential School where Charles Davin who went there to get his report written in 1879. The guy committed suicide in 1901 probably because he felt guilty for separating too many Indian families.
Present day, I live in Hawkesbury in a rented 2 bedroom apartment with my 3 children who attend a school where Indian history is not taught, they receive their Native Studies from me & the History of the NorthWest Company. I receive no funding other what my mother from Edmonton sends or by what my wife earns from attending Algonquin College. We struggle big time, I'd prefer to be working.