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Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving today to another little apartment in Hawkesbury

I'll be off for a few days as I wait for internet service over there. Please don't hesitate to leave me email. I'll be closer to the Land Titles office office over there. I'll start searching for titles.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I will make you a FaceBook Logo with your own pic.

You have got to email me your picture to

I am hoping to make & produce hoodies, T-shirts, sweaters, cups, calendars, etc. with all the badges, crests, logos & pictures I have on this web-site. Blessings to Y'all!

Friday, January 28, 2011

PageRage Facebook Layouts - Create a Facebook Layout

PageRage Facebook Layouts - Create a Facebook Layout

An Inspirational Video 1 - The Law Of Attraction

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Timeline 1786-1791

 I'm really stepping out on faith when I broadcast such statements that the items shown will be memorialized in a museum in Plantagenet should these items be returned & will be for the community to share the good fortune. When you have a museum you need items to put in & these should be repatriated for William McGillivray Lord of the NorthWest Museum. There were other items mentioned in his Will & His son's Joseph's Will that should be put in there. Admission will go to support the community of Plantagenet.                            

The original Beaver Club book shown on the right which is at the McCord Museum should have a place at the William McGillivray Lord of the NorthWest Company Museum and show-cased at this site. Copies could be distributed for educational purposes or general interest with proceeds to fund & support a Non-profit Kids Summer Horse Program west of Plantagenet, Ontario.

Replicas of this & other Scottish paraphernalia could be sold on mugs, T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets  of this exclusive Beaver Club medallion and some of the other crests & badges I have on this site could be sold at the Museum to fund non-profit charitable donations

The Grand Hall at Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Beautiful place which I have only visited once. I should not have to wait for Hon. Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure to go into my own house when right now I have to rent property on my own property.

I want to sleep on this bed with my wife. Valentine's would have been a great time. If this Fort is supposedly mine as my inheritance then why should I be asking anyone what I can & can't do. I should not have to make an appointment nor ask anyone's permission right Mr. Chan, Minister of Culture & Tourism.

William McGillivray first married country wife Susan supposedly from Flin Flon, Manitoba. The daughter of a chief cemented aboriginal trading partnerships in 1790. They had twins the following year at Ille-La-Crosse, Saskatchewan on March 1, 1791. Coincidentally my birth-date is March 1, but not the same year. Family trait is hazel-green eyes which both my daughter & I have.

 Île-à-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan NWCompany post housed 80 men & 40 women at times. McGillivray apprenticed under the proprietor Patrick Small at this post in 1786 where conditions were often extreme when the weather  was bad. Near Grand Portage, Minnesota McGillivray was instrumental in the merger between Gregory, MacLeod & Co. in 1787. McGillivray returned to Île-à-la-Crosse & between 1788-89 traveled back & forth to Rat River, Manitoba. In 1790 he was able to buy out Peter Pond's share for L800 he became a partner of the NWC & promoted to the rank of proprietor with the responsibility of the English Churchill department. In 1791 McGillivray was to head the western push extending to the Pacific which MacKenzie did in 1793 - calling the Columbia River the McGillivray River originally.

Granddaughter of Susan stands forlornly over her ancestor's grave.
On the headstone Peter was included even though he passed away as a baby. Marjorie Wilkins Campbell reportedly wrote that William & Joseph both stood over Susan's grave at one point.

The Battle of Trafalgar. I would not mind having the original of this painting which is NorthWest Company Property! and by rights belong to this McGillivary.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to make Bannock.


  1. 3 cups of All-purpose flour
  2. 2 Tablespoons Baking Powder
  3. 1 Teaspoon salt
  4. 1/4 cup of sugar
Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Then follow instructions.


  • Cut into the mixture 1/2 cup shortening or margarine. I prefer margarine. Add in bowl.
  • Add enough cold water, about a cup, to make the dry dough, knead, for exercise. Optional if you at this point want can add raisins into the bowl mixture.
  • Sprinkle some flour on base.
  • Put in a greased baking pan and bake in 400degree Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes until golden brown. 
Have some tea. invite a neighbor over.

McGillivray vs Macdonald to be remembered? 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Received an email letter from Minister Michael Chan.

Admits that Ministry of Tourism & Culture does operate out of Fort William but denies it holds any real property & refers me onto the Minister of Infrastructure which has responsibility for real property. Guess what earlier today Premier Dalton McGuinty had allowed the Ontario Realty Corporation into the house because they wanted to get rid of some of the Crown Corporations. I wonder if this had anything to do with NorthWest Company property? Makes me wonder, how about you?
Ever play the shell game? The Crown Patents which there supposedly 4 of them are under the Crown Land Registry office in Peterborough, Ontario. Well the Ontario Realty Corporation are now going to take charge of these offices because the Premier wants to cut costs & displace many government workers? Alot of old Crown Patents are going to disappear...puff, now you see them, now you don't. Kind of reminds me of a movie I once seen called Robin Hood. God Forbid I think of myself as Robin of Luxley & Premier Dalton McGuinty as that dastardly Sheriff of Knotting-ham.
Jeez, all I wanted to do was settle a negotiation peaceably. The Crown Patent for Plantagenet is something the Sheriff does not want me to be compensated for. Doesn't anybody play fair now-a-days? The proof is in the pudding which I have got if you would just take the time to read on my blog everyday. I am not fabricating this story as I go. It has been there in plain sight until this McGillivray discovered while on holidays I was to fulfill a destiny.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A day to remember with my son.

We hitched up the trailer with the dune buggy on the back of our little Ford truck. We were going to the gravel pit north of The Pas, Manitoba about 10 miles for some fun & boy-time. We got there and found a place to unhook & disembark the dune buggy. Before we set out I made sure Greg's harness was secure & his helmet was fastened because this was going to be a fantastic day ripping around the gravel pit. Little did I know my faith was going to be tested.

We were doing some circles when I decided to swing the other way to the right but as we did we hit a pothole. The dune buggy slowly flipped over, as it did I instinctively reached out to my son with my right arm; but, made the fatal mistake of letting go of the steering wheel with my left arm and reached out to the ground. I  was totally shocked as I felt this bone-crunching pain immediately shoot up from my wrist. I never let any expletives out but immediately thanked God for the pain. I looked at it. It was not the usual way arms look but it looked like a broken pretzel. I knew if I went into shock there wouldn't be anyone around to help my son who was already hysterical. I reached over to him & told him everything was going to be alright. For the first time in my life I called for "help" and really meant it.  I was pinned with my left arm and couldn't get the dune buggy off its side. I undid his harness with my right, consoling him as I did. I prayed someone would come & as if out of nowhere 3 boys appeared. They just so happened to have seen the mishap. I praised God. They lifted the dune buggy's chassis off my wrist. I asked if anyone of them could drive a standard truck. No one knew how. I asked if they could unhitch the trailer which they quickly undid as I directed them. I tried holding my broken arm - which looked like a broken wing - in towards me while I took my helmet off. I felt like fainting but I knew if I did I wouldn't be waking up. I thanked the boys for their help & got into the truck because I knew if I had to wait for an ambulance it would be hours before they got there. I knew I  was not going to be able to drive all way so opted to make it to a friend's house I knew lived about a couple of miles. Those miles felt like a hundred as I put the standard into gear & opted for second gear because at least I could drive fast enough but slow enough if I passed out we wouldn't be hurt in another crash. Every little bump sent jolts of pain to my head. Good thing Greg still had his helmet on I thought. I was ashen white by the time we got to my friend's Joe. I rang his door-bell. He answered, told me any later & he would have been gone to work.

We left my boy with his daughter while he drove me to the hospital. Within minutes I was put on a Medi-Vac plane toward Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was never so grateful to God for all the people being there at the right time at the right place. However for me it was a test of my faith because not once did I swear or blame God for the situation. I praise Him more because less than 3 months later I was out of the cast.

Isaiah 35:4 "Say to those with anxious heart , "Take courage, fear not. Behold your God will come with a vengeance; the recompense of God will come. But He will save you."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day before my father left.

2009, April 28 I finished my shift at the landfill. I went home, got a call from my mother informing me dad was in the hospital and asking me for direction whether to give permission for the hospital to give dad morphine. Dad had an enlarged heart & had been taking nitrogylercine which was not working. I prayed for direction and informed mom not to administer the medication. This call felt different from all the other calls I had gotten before. There was a sense of urgency & finality to this one. My wife & I quickly packed some clothes for our three kids. We lived ten hours away from Edmonton and left at 6PM. There was a gentle rain as we travelled west giving me forewarning this was going to be unlike our other trips. I prayed as I drove through that night knowing God had everything in control. We arrived at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton at 5:15 am. We located dad's room and the kids fell asleep at the foot of dad's bed. I stayed up praying with Dad but knew God was going to take him home. I held his hand, told him we were there & spoke to him telling we were going to be alright and he could go. At 6:29 am God invited him into his Kingdom. I praise God for allowing me to be there for his Grand Entry into the Great Hall. He may not have known about this NorthWest Company or the other inheritance but one thing is sure he waited until he could pass away giving me his blessing.

At The Pas, Manitoba I made dad a white wooden cross with his little name plague which was donated by Hemaur's Funeral home. I vow he will have a bigger headstone - not that he needs it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CBCRadio ThunderBay report NorthWest Company Claim.

South Plantagenet 1821 - other paten from King George.
West of London Ontario 1821

Since I am unemployed I've had to assess how to continue.

Please visit which will help me continue without soliciting for cashgift donations & you get something for supporting. I appreciate all your support. Below is the Clan McGillivray's badge. Somewhere out there in one of the museum's this is sitting where it doesn't belong. I'd like to have replica's made to help fund the non-profit summer horse camp in the western forests of Plantagenet Township.

Drop a comment, leave a comment. Tell me how I'm doing. I'm open for constructive criticism. You'all have a great Saturday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting the story out

No matter where I go, if I pick up a hitch-hiker who may may on their way to court, or if I'm waiting for 6 hours at Hawkesbury Hospital yesterday because my kids were not feeling well,  I'll tell & show the evidence if they're interested in listening or to the teacher who may be interested in history & find my story unbelievable but in the end is convinced I'm not smoking anything funny. Sorry yesterday I had no time to get a blog out but I was able to speak to a few interested people from the street.

The hardest part sometimes about this whole thing is whether or not I'm being heard. Noah must have had his days when he was building his ark & the people ridiculed him for speaking the truth. Only 8 people were saved when the Flood hit. I'll trudge along because I know God has something wonderful planned all I have to do is Keep the Faith!

 When NorthWest Company & the Hudson Bay Company amalgamated in 1821 William McGillivray was instrumental in acquiring 3 of 20/100 shares of Hudson Bay Company. The Hudson Bay Company to this date has a distant relationship with First Nation people. I attempted to get my foot in the door with out telling them I was Treaty Status or who I really was when I went for an interview at one of their banner stores. I won't say which out of respect & common courtesy but I was not what they were looking for. I know without a doubt I have a very outgoing & positive attitude but there won't be a next time for me to try & reach my hand out in friendship. I fail to understand why this private chartered company has taken upon itself to store all McGillivray property in their Archives when it by right belongs to the heirs of William McGillivray. I wish to have all they have in storage repatriated to our family. We will have our own Museum. As for compensation I would like to negotiate with your young CEO Mr. Richard Baker.

This picture taken to the right was taken at McGillivray Township west of London, Ontario. The principal had never met a real McGillivray nor had there been any of the family's name there. It was a real treat for him. I forwarded a colored photo of Simon McGillivray because they only had a little black & white photo of Great Uncle Simon McGillivray seen directly below here.          

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our journey to the unknown leaving everything we knew behind.

We were unsure of the outcome as we left The Pas, Manitoba. Sacrifices had been made. We sold all our possessions to make this journey to the east. We had to trust God. We couldn't go back. Our house sold within 3 days after putting it on the housing market. Normally, it took forever to sell a house in The Pas. We took it as a sign God had provided a buyer. We needed to trust God keeping our eyes forward, not to look back.
We had telephoned Crown Land Registry in Peterborough & it was confirmed there was 4 active Crown Land Patents. We received one.
Other portion is the Patent

We have the maps of 1821 of North & South Plantagenet which involves the 12,000 acres. In this Township there is no record of William McGillivray because of the cover-up he ever owned this property.

Driving around this property one will not find a monument, street, avenue or concession road bearing his name

Driving south a half hour one would come to Williamstown. Drive east of the Raisin River & MacGillivray Bridge & you will come to the Nor'West Loyalist Museum. On the second floor one will find the original map of David Thompson. He was commissioned to survey for the NorthWest Company & has on exhibit in this little museum proof of the existence of Plantagenet belonging to McGillivray. As an heir to this estate I am seeking for compensation for the hardships my family has had to endure coming here. We need financial help to purchase a house similar to one we had back in The Pas, Manitoba.

I have driven around Plantagenet property & have seen the abundant forests which are still available for us to clear to erect our own residence. Here is one of the maps I have available for public display.

Fort William Thunder Bay Ontario was never ceded to the Province of Ontario nor the Canadian Government. This cash cow has been earning the provincial coffers x amount of dollars. I am demanding to negotiate a settlement with the Premier Dalton McGuinty immediately. I am tired of being referred to little clerks who just scratch their heads in disbelief & don't know which of their superiors to contact. I'll make it easy for everyone by posting all this information on the internet which will be our court of opinion.

My intentions are not to evict anyone from their family property. My battle is with the government to help the First Nation & Metis people who helped build this country & North West Company. I know God has put me in this place to help the poor because He has let me experience their hardships.

I am Metis with Treaty Status so trying to tax me is going to be a precedent. I have paid my dues by paying my taxes while I was employed as a Garbage attendant. I paid my  taxes when I bought our house off reserve so what do we do when its Crown property in my family's name? There is quite abit of natural resources on this property just as there is all over Canada where North West Company has territory which was never ceded.

What I am requesting presently is for an acreage capable having a little hobby ranch & for my children to have their horses. I would that it had some non-profit organization for helping youth that are not capable of paying for a regular camping experience. I have found one that is for sale on this property and this is what I believe the Lord has blessed me to do.

Met with MP from Saskatoon-Wanuskewin who was interested.

Last week I received letter from local Federal MP Pierre Lemieux who forwarded McGillivray Petition unto Canadian Heritage Minister MP James Moore.

I'm not taking defensive position anymore & launching a major offensive to broadcast this via the social networking of the internet. I have the expertise to do my own broadcasting. I've sat back for too long trying to solicit certain people to "get back to you".

Here are the 87 posts my son & I are claiming were never ceded to Canada. Canadian Government has Fiduciary responsibility to compensate. We will assist First Nation & Metis people receive job training & a place to stay while living in major centers in Ottawa, Thunder Bay & Winnipeg because of their ancestors contribution to the Company.