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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day before my father left.

2009, April 28 I finished my shift at the landfill. I went home, got a call from my mother informing me dad was in the hospital and asking me for direction whether to give permission for the hospital to give dad morphine. Dad had an enlarged heart & had been taking nitrogylercine which was not working. I prayed for direction and informed mom not to administer the medication. This call felt different from all the other calls I had gotten before. There was a sense of urgency & finality to this one. My wife & I quickly packed some clothes for our three kids. We lived ten hours away from Edmonton and left at 6PM. There was a gentle rain as we travelled west giving me forewarning this was going to be unlike our other trips. I prayed as I drove through that night knowing God had everything in control. We arrived at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton at 5:15 am. We located dad's room and the kids fell asleep at the foot of dad's bed. I stayed up praying with Dad but knew God was going to take him home. I held his hand, told him we were there & spoke to him telling we were going to be alright and he could go. At 6:29 am God invited him into his Kingdom. I praise God for allowing me to be there for his Grand Entry into the Great Hall. He may not have known about this NorthWest Company or the other inheritance but one thing is sure he waited until he could pass away giving me his blessing.

At The Pas, Manitoba I made dad a white wooden cross with his little name plague which was donated by Hemaur's Funeral home. I vow he will have a bigger headstone - not that he needs it.

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