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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting the story out

No matter where I go, if I pick up a hitch-hiker who may may on their way to court, or if I'm waiting for 6 hours at Hawkesbury Hospital yesterday because my kids were not feeling well,  I'll tell & show the evidence if they're interested in listening or to the teacher who may be interested in history & find my story unbelievable but in the end is convinced I'm not smoking anything funny. Sorry yesterday I had no time to get a blog out but I was able to speak to a few interested people from the street.

The hardest part sometimes about this whole thing is whether or not I'm being heard. Noah must have had his days when he was building his ark & the people ridiculed him for speaking the truth. Only 8 people were saved when the Flood hit. I'll trudge along because I know God has something wonderful planned all I have to do is Keep the Faith!

 When NorthWest Company & the Hudson Bay Company amalgamated in 1821 William McGillivray was instrumental in acquiring 3 of 20/100 shares of Hudson Bay Company. The Hudson Bay Company to this date has a distant relationship with First Nation people. I attempted to get my foot in the door with out telling them I was Treaty Status or who I really was when I went for an interview at one of their banner stores. I won't say which out of respect & common courtesy but I was not what they were looking for. I know without a doubt I have a very outgoing & positive attitude but there won't be a next time for me to try & reach my hand out in friendship. I fail to understand why this private chartered company has taken upon itself to store all McGillivray property in their Archives when it by right belongs to the heirs of William McGillivray. I wish to have all they have in storage repatriated to our family. We will have our own Museum. As for compensation I would like to negotiate with your young CEO Mr. Richard Baker.

This picture taken to the right was taken at McGillivray Township west of London, Ontario. The principal had never met a real McGillivray nor had there been any of the family's name there. It was a real treat for him. I forwarded a colored photo of Simon McGillivray because they only had a little black & white photo of Great Uncle Simon McGillivray seen directly below here.          

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