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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our journey to the unknown leaving everything we knew behind.

We were unsure of the outcome as we left The Pas, Manitoba. Sacrifices had been made. We sold all our possessions to make this journey to the east. We had to trust God. We couldn't go back. Our house sold within 3 days after putting it on the housing market. Normally, it took forever to sell a house in The Pas. We took it as a sign God had provided a buyer. We needed to trust God keeping our eyes forward, not to look back.
We had telephoned Crown Land Registry in Peterborough & it was confirmed there was 4 active Crown Land Patents. We received one.
Other portion is the Patent

We have the maps of 1821 of North & South Plantagenet which involves the 12,000 acres. In this Township there is no record of William McGillivray because of the cover-up he ever owned this property.

Driving around this property one will not find a monument, street, avenue or concession road bearing his name

Driving south a half hour one would come to Williamstown. Drive east of the Raisin River & MacGillivray Bridge & you will come to the Nor'West Loyalist Museum. On the second floor one will find the original map of David Thompson. He was commissioned to survey for the NorthWest Company & has on exhibit in this little museum proof of the existence of Plantagenet belonging to McGillivray. As an heir to this estate I am seeking for compensation for the hardships my family has had to endure coming here. We need financial help to purchase a house similar to one we had back in The Pas, Manitoba.

I have driven around Plantagenet property & have seen the abundant forests which are still available for us to clear to erect our own residence. Here is one of the maps I have available for public display.

Fort William Thunder Bay Ontario was never ceded to the Province of Ontario nor the Canadian Government. This cash cow has been earning the provincial coffers x amount of dollars. I am demanding to negotiate a settlement with the Premier Dalton McGuinty immediately. I am tired of being referred to little clerks who just scratch their heads in disbelief & don't know which of their superiors to contact. I'll make it easy for everyone by posting all this information on the internet which will be our court of opinion.

My intentions are not to evict anyone from their family property. My battle is with the government to help the First Nation & Metis people who helped build this country & North West Company. I know God has put me in this place to help the poor because He has let me experience their hardships.

I am Metis with Treaty Status so trying to tax me is going to be a precedent. I have paid my dues by paying my taxes while I was employed as a Garbage attendant. I paid my  taxes when I bought our house off reserve so what do we do when its Crown property in my family's name? There is quite abit of natural resources on this property just as there is all over Canada where North West Company has territory which was never ceded.

What I am requesting presently is for an acreage capable having a little hobby ranch & for my children to have their horses. I would that it had some non-profit organization for helping youth that are not capable of paying for a regular camping experience. I have found one that is for sale on this property and this is what I believe the Lord has blessed me to do.

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