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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Timeline 1786-1791

 I'm really stepping out on faith when I broadcast such statements that the items shown will be memorialized in a museum in Plantagenet should these items be returned & will be for the community to share the good fortune. When you have a museum you need items to put in & these should be repatriated for William McGillivray Lord of the NorthWest Museum. There were other items mentioned in his Will & His son's Joseph's Will that should be put in there. Admission will go to support the community of Plantagenet.                            

The original Beaver Club book shown on the right which is at the McCord Museum should have a place at the William McGillivray Lord of the NorthWest Company Museum and show-cased at this site. Copies could be distributed for educational purposes or general interest with proceeds to fund & support a Non-profit Kids Summer Horse Program west of Plantagenet, Ontario.

Replicas of this & other Scottish paraphernalia could be sold on mugs, T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets  of this exclusive Beaver Club medallion and some of the other crests & badges I have on this site could be sold at the Museum to fund non-profit charitable donations

The Grand Hall at Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Beautiful place which I have only visited once. I should not have to wait for Hon. Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure to go into my own house when right now I have to rent property on my own property.

I want to sleep on this bed with my wife. Valentine's would have been a great time. If this Fort is supposedly mine as my inheritance then why should I be asking anyone what I can & can't do. I should not have to make an appointment nor ask anyone's permission right Mr. Chan, Minister of Culture & Tourism.

William McGillivray first married country wife Susan supposedly from Flin Flon, Manitoba. The daughter of a chief cemented aboriginal trading partnerships in 1790. They had twins the following year at Ille-La-Crosse, Saskatchewan on March 1, 1791. Coincidentally my birth-date is March 1, but not the same year. Family trait is hazel-green eyes which both my daughter & I have.

 Île-à-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan NWCompany post housed 80 men & 40 women at times. McGillivray apprenticed under the proprietor Patrick Small at this post in 1786 where conditions were often extreme when the weather  was bad. Near Grand Portage, Minnesota McGillivray was instrumental in the merger between Gregory, MacLeod & Co. in 1787. McGillivray returned to Île-à-la-Crosse & between 1788-89 traveled back & forth to Rat River, Manitoba. In 1790 he was able to buy out Peter Pond's share for L800 he became a partner of the NWC & promoted to the rank of proprietor with the responsibility of the English Churchill department. In 1791 McGillivray was to head the western push extending to the Pacific which MacKenzie did in 1793 - calling the Columbia River the McGillivray River originally.

Granddaughter of Susan stands forlornly over her ancestor's grave.
On the headstone Peter was included even though he passed away as a baby. Marjorie Wilkins Campbell reportedly wrote that William & Joseph both stood over Susan's grave at one point.

The Battle of Trafalgar. I would not mind having the original of this painting which is NorthWest Company Property! and by rights belong to this McGillivary.

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