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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Received an email letter from Minister Michael Chan.

Admits that Ministry of Tourism & Culture does operate out of Fort William but denies it holds any real property & refers me onto the Minister of Infrastructure which has responsibility for real property. Guess what earlier today Premier Dalton McGuinty had allowed the Ontario Realty Corporation into the house because they wanted to get rid of some of the Crown Corporations. I wonder if this had anything to do with NorthWest Company property? Makes me wonder, how about you?
Ever play the shell game? The Crown Patents which there supposedly 4 of them are under the Crown Land Registry office in Peterborough, Ontario. Well the Ontario Realty Corporation are now going to take charge of these offices because the Premier wants to cut costs & displace many government workers? Alot of old Crown Patents are going to disappear...puff, now you see them, now you don't. Kind of reminds me of a movie I once seen called Robin Hood. God Forbid I think of myself as Robin of Luxley & Premier Dalton McGuinty as that dastardly Sheriff of Knotting-ham.
Jeez, all I wanted to do was settle a negotiation peaceably. The Crown Patent for Plantagenet is something the Sheriff does not want me to be compensated for. Doesn't anybody play fair now-a-days? The proof is in the pudding which I have got if you would just take the time to read on my blog everyday. I am not fabricating this story as I go. It has been there in plain sight until this McGillivray discovered while on holidays I was to fulfill a destiny.

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