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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good news! I've been "encouraged" by Hon. James Moore, P.C., MP

With respect to constructing a monument he encourages me to contact a program officer because they sponsor "eligible recipients for domestic projects & initiatives of national significance that recognize & celebrate outstanding persons, places & events". Well people this is a small victory to a long war. I'll take anything small & continue till the end is achieved.

On the other hand to "building a historic site, federal recognition for, and the designation of, heritage buildings, sites, events or persons of national historic significance falls under the purview of the Honorable Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment, in view of his responsibility for the Historic Sites & Monuments Board of Canada". This means it moves to another departmental head for approval. This is a start to realizing a dream.  Friends this means don't put your horse in front of the cart in layman's terms. We still have to have it approved.

Only disappointment in the letter was the fact I couldn't get sponsored for federal research funding.

I'm asking for your financial assistance by offering you to purchase products at my shop which has McGillivray NorthWest Museum Cause.


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