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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visit Rodney Brown's web-site, folk-singer sings forlornly about NWC.

Rodney Brown is coming to Williamstown, Nor'Westers and Loyalist Museum, Ontario May 23, 2011 and will be at The Singing Goat in Sherbrooke, PQ on May 26, 2011. Check the rest of his Gigs menu bar for the remainder of his tours. Hope to meet you there!
The CDs I really enjoyed were The Big Lonely released in 2004 and especially North Land (2009 - tunes 4: "What would Susan Say" and number 6: "McGillivray's Dream").

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks to the Research Team at Direction du Centre d'archives de Montreal et des archives privees

Next on the agenda will be to contact the Mont Royal Cemetery Archives. Joseph McGillivray passed away when he was 42, on April 22, 1832. Seven years after his father passed away.  No mention of how he went. We can only speculate at this point. Forty-two was pretty young therefore it must have been something or illness he caught. Hope we can locate his grave-site before April to pay him our respect.

I am wondering where they resided in Montreal. I would love to see where they lived. We have gone to celebrate the Sabbath where they attended church & were inspired by the message. I know they did their business in the Old Montreal District as we have visited the cobble stone streets. It has been quite the journey walking the sites they frequented. I've been to the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth which is built over the original site of the Beaver Club.

William McGillivray died in London on October 16, 1825.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blogger Buzz: Create Pages in Blogger

Blogger Buzz: Create Pages in Blogger

I contacted the present North West Company which uses my NWC emblem & pictures.

They have no right to be using the history of what my ancestor did and they have no right to the use of the name.  It is an infringement of rights. I have contacted the Board of Directors which CEO President Edward Kennedy has disregarded my attempts to communicate with him. This North West Company Seal was a registered Trademark only for the use of the Family. No one from the Board of Directors is a direct descendant. Many of the pictures they use are not for the Company's use thus they have violated the publishing rights. They should have contacted the heir/heirs which I am for permission. Two other pictures they used are the Family's Coat of Arms.

I have contacted them to help with raising finances for the recognition of Hon. William McGillivray as the Father of Canada, statues & the McGillivray North West Museum Cause on the active Crown Patent on his property of Plantagenet, Ontario by selling t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters & other accessories in their stores but to this date I have not heard from a representative from their illegitimate company.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I was not impressed with the McCord Museum & dismayed at Lachine.

Simon McTavish, William McGillivray the Father of Canada, (his sons - Joseph & Simon McGillivray - Metis born), Mother of the Metis Nation - Susan McGillivray, David Thompson (the explorer who named many of Canada's western rivers) where not honored at this McCord Museum but instead relegated a little bit of artifacts spread here & there throughout the museum; it doesn't make it interesting, too cold & impersonal. Montreal was built because of the Fur-trade. There were no bleeding hearts activists back at that period protesting the wide-spread slaughter of the furry little creatures. It was the demand for the the European fashion that promoted the industry thus the North West Company fulfilled their penchant for furs in Europe. Aboriginals only wanted the products that they could trade for feeding their families with or surviving. European colonization wanted to Christianize the savages & settle their lands which they thought natives were misusing or not using.
I was upset the Lachine National Historical Park was such in disarray & disrepair. I believe it could bring back tourism if finances were not misdirected to other useless timeperiods of history which don't have any relevance to the building of Canada. Hell you don't have as much colored photos as I do, nor do you know where all the artifacts I have located them are at.
I & my family thoroughly enjoyed taking a brisk carriage ride through the Old Montreal Water-front business district & learning the history of Montreal from an uninformed, untrained buggy-driver, who was the perfect ambassador to your community. My kudos go out to the other buggy-driver, who came from Quebec City, who gave us a tour for nothing!  Whereas we took an unguided tour at the McCord Museum where a museum interpreter gave me hell for taking a picture beside my Ancestor's painting & my kids were scolded for wanting to touch the painting! I know presentation of material & delivery of historical information of the North West Company needs to be re-invented at your fine institution.

"Be Mindful",
Gilbert McGillivray

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

McCord Museum has most of my Family Heirlooms.

This McGillivray wants the return of family items for the McGillivray North West Museum. Here are just a sample of what they have in their possession.
This is mentioned in McGillivray's Will that it belong to future heirs NOT McCord Museum.

Duncan McGillivray was more of a relative to me than to the McCord Museum.

I-lle-la Cross, Saskatchewan vs HBC post.

North West Rubber Stamp

Top of this cane has the insignia of North West Company Beaver & Tree
& belonged to McGillivray
I WILL use these items to raise funds towards the purchase of the McGillivray NorthWest Museum & Statutes for recognition on the Crown Patent of property that does not recognize him. Map is further down below.
Plantagenet circa 1897

Monday, March 7, 2011

Contacted Heritage Minister's office to have procedure or application forwarded.

Over the weekend I emailed Minister of Environment Peter Kent to have Active Crown Patent of Plantagenet site designated as Heritage Site to build a McGillivray North West Museum somewhere on his property that is not inhabited but close to Highway 17.
On Saturday drove by Planatagenet looking for a placement of the monuments. Still undecided. I'll post pictures asking for public opinion later.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I share this Birthday with Simon & Joseph McGillivray born 1794!

Additonally, I share this day with David Niven (awesome actor from the Bridge Over River Kwai) and my young rising superstar friend, Justin Bieber!
Sorry I have no pictures yet of my ancestor Joseph McGillivray (I'll post it once I find it).
Fort William Thunder Bay Ontario 1775?