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Friday, March 25, 2011

I contacted the present North West Company which uses my NWC emblem & pictures.

They have no right to be using the history of what my ancestor did and they have no right to the use of the name.  It is an infringement of rights. I have contacted the Board of Directors which CEO President Edward Kennedy has disregarded my attempts to communicate with him. This North West Company Seal was a registered Trademark only for the use of the Family. No one from the Board of Directors is a direct descendant. Many of the pictures they use are not for the Company's use thus they have violated the publishing rights. They should have contacted the heir/heirs which I am for permission. Two other pictures they used are the Family's Coat of Arms.

I have contacted them to help with raising finances for the recognition of Hon. William McGillivray as the Father of Canada, statues & the McGillivray North West Museum Cause on the active Crown Patent on his property of Plantagenet, Ontario by selling t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters & other accessories in their stores but to this date I have not heard from a representative from their illegitimate company.

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