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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

McCord Museum has most of my Family Heirlooms.

This McGillivray wants the return of family items for the McGillivray North West Museum. Here are just a sample of what they have in their possession.
This is mentioned in McGillivray's Will that it belong to future heirs NOT McCord Museum.

Duncan McGillivray was more of a relative to me than to the McCord Museum.

I-lle-la Cross, Saskatchewan vs HBC post.

North West Rubber Stamp

Top of this cane has the insignia of North West Company Beaver & Tree
& belonged to McGillivray
I WILL use these items to raise funds towards the purchase of the McGillivray NorthWest Museum & Statutes for recognition on the Crown Patent of property that does not recognize him. Map is further down below.
Plantagenet circa 1897

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