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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finished reading McGillivray Lord of the NorthWest by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell published by Clark Irwin in 1962.

I found pages 194 and 321 verified the fact ancestor William McGillivray had definitely left land for his Metis sons - Simon & Joseph, "deeded...all the lands I possess in the Gore of Plantagenet on the Ottawa River' and granted by patent from the Government of Upper Canada". The Minister of Ontario Agriculture wants me to submit a detailed map of which I already have posted on this blog-site. I know it seems unfathomable for one to have so much property but I do not wish to evict anyone from their ancestral home but only want the remaining Crown Property for our personal use & Fiduciary compensation for the remainder. I wish to construct a McGillivray NorthWest Museum on this property for the benefit of the public to learn of the history of the NorthWest Company. There are two sides to a story but with this one a person can come at it from every angle & deduce their own conclusion. My biased opinion is my ancestor was short-changed & robbed of building a larger Canada but you really out to read the book.
I would like to do a revised edition with many pictures to add to the book but I would need the backing of a sponsor to work out an agreement.

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