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Friday, April 22, 2011

My son hands me this paper & in the back I notice this. My son's ancestor must be guiding him.

Basically what this means my friends is if I don't show up at this meeting to oppose this on 1PM May 24, 2011 I will not have a say in what transpires with the Crown Patent of North & South Plantagenet. Someone up top has gotten wind of my campaign & they want to quash my attempts to inherit what is rightfully our inheritance. I would like to know if there has been a government leak from the top because I have not told anyone from the ground up. My communications have been to the top officials & not the little clerks at the bottom.
What this "Special Public Meeting Concerning the Five Year Review of the Official Plan of the Corporation of the United Counties of Prescott & Russell" entails is the zoning of the Crown properties of trees which are rightfully my family's right to have "above & below ground" and any "minerals which are on it. The general public is privy to the size of this property because I have posted on the web the size our family is entitled to in our ACTIVE Crown Patent. Someone up the food chain don't want this McGillivray, who is a Scottish-Metis to come along & disturb what they have tried to keep a secret all these years. Someone don't want aboriginals coming into this neck of the woods. I'm not afraid to say I'm mixed & I'm damn proud of who my ancestor was - William McGillivray! My family motto rightfully is "Touch Not This Cat Bot a Glove" & someone has thrown a gauntlet at me. One which I will defend my family's honor by showing up at this meeting!

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