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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I was upset CTV made Simon McTavish monument an amusement show for Halloween.

At the Mausoleum on a dark rainy night I & my family paid a visit halfway up Mount Royal, Montreal June 24. We took some pictures. We never had any paranormal activity. I doubt Duncan McGillivray nor the 2 infant McGillivrays from William & Magdalene would haunt their relatives. My wife said she suspected a face on the standing pillars of rocks behind the monument but when I inspected it all it was the rain coming off the rocks which gave it an appearance of a face. Other than that there was no ghostly apparitions. Nothing to be scared of.
I am upset the City of Montreal took it upon themselves to tear down a beautiful monument. It irritates me they went ahead without notification to me or other McGillivrays to disturb their resting places. I know McCord Museum have artifacts in their possession particularly because of their "archeological dig" which to me is blatant Grave-robbing. Additionally I am not impressed with CTV for sensationalizing this to suit their Halloween theme of reporting, they should learn journalism is based on facts not fear-factoring. If any good lawyer wants to contact me I would be happy to discuss a settlement plan.

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  1. Hi, just curious if you saw this, they're doing a tour of the monument site on Aug. 15. It says "Tour of the archaeological site led by specialists. You will discover the secrets and the history of Simon McTavish’s mausoleum. A well-kept secret of Mount Royal!"Ă©al-–-mctavish-monument