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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saskatchewan First Nation suing government for $4 million over missed $5 payments | News

Saskatchewan First Nation suing government for $4 million over missed $5 payments | News

I am going to go after the Canadian government for $185 million. Any lawyer want to help me do this Pro Bono for now. Your work will greatly be compensated. All my work is here on this page. Should you decide to accept I will forward the hard-copies! I know without a doubt I have a case, do you?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Exploring the Great Lakes Fur Trade, Highlights at the Wisconsin Historical Society

Exploring the Great Lakes Fur Trade, Highlights at the Wisconsin Historical Society

Would have been an honour to have been invited to this event seeing I'm an original descendant of Hon. William McGillivray. I have only been broadcasting this on the internet since the beginning of the year. He had twin Metis sons that have grown up in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba & were never informed of their rich past. I have located he had bought a residence at 149 Broadway, in New York! Anybody send me pictures? Where can I find out who took over this place?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

CMA Blog AMC: Our Opinion / Notre opinion

CMA Blog AMC: Our Opinion / Notre opinion: "In this section , the CMA shares its opinion on news in the museal field. Dans cette section , l'AMC partage son opinion sur les nouvelles..."

I've contacted the CMA to ask for their support today with a long letter to the executive director.

Your Majesty, Pleasure was our family's to meet & chat with you, Sir.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

One of the Schooners that was sunk in the late summer of 1814 was the Nancy.

It was sunk at the mouth of the Nottawasaga River. I mention this because someone a few days ago was enquiring where the North West Company schooners were sunk. If they find it, I'd like to see it, for posterity sake or possibly to put at the McGillivray NorthWest Museum, should it ever be built. I will put more information how much the NorthWest Company contributed much more to the building of this nation. Hudson Bay Company did not participate as much as my ancestor, nor was he compensated enough for the country we so enjoy.

Another matter I want to point out to the ingrates at the Museum of Civilization who falsely portray our outstanding Metis community & First Nation people read this excerpt for yourself & tell me if your view changes on how you portray my ancestors.

"McGillivray Lord of the NorthWest" by Marjorie Wilkins-Campbell

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I believe a film should be made about the truth of Canada.

As a direct descendant of Hon. William McGillivary, Chief Director of the NorthWest Company, I wish to have a video produced publishing the real truth of how much the NWCo contributed to the building of Canada. It was a fur-trading company but in the War of 1812 it contributed 150 members of the Corps of Voyageurs & 6 schooners of its own company to protect the Canadian borders along the Great Lakes. The Chief Director was a Lt. Col and his twin son, Joseph McGillivray (my ancestor) fought as a Lt. He is buried somewhere on Mont Royal & should be put in the family tomb of Simon McTavish, where Duncan McGillivray (William's brother) & 2 infant McGillivray children are buried. For 20 years the Lachine (National Historic Site) operated importing & exporting the trade of goods to Fort William. Fort William is where my maternal ancestor is buried at Mountain view Cemetery at Thunder Bay. Fort William every year had an important meeting called the Great Rendezvous July 7 to 10th to renew trade relations. Montreal canoes had to portage 26 times to get there. From there smaller brigades of canoes where used to get the goods to the prairies. On June 19, 1816 the so-called Battle of Seven Oaks left 22 settlers of Lord Selkirk's men dead. McGillivray was charged for inciting this massacre but was never charged.  Often NWC Metis & traders would feed & take care of HBC men who had been warned by Simon McGillivray in England not to come to the prairies but for 3 years despite  hunger & promises of good housing & tools they came to try settling the Red River area. Selkirk had imposed a Pemican Tax to stop the flow of buffalo meat which was badly needed to feed everyone in the region. Thus it was called the Pemican War. It only lasted 15 minutes but this what was needed for Selkirk to have HBC promoted. They were also in dire straits with the Bank of England & easily could have been the ones who had gone under at the time of the amalgamation of 1821. This is part of the story I would like to get out. Canada paints my ancestor as greedy but in fact had a generous heart towards Canada. I therefore consider him the Father of Canada & Susan his Metis Wife as the the First Lady.
Great Rendezvous at Fort William

Posting my resume because I am looking for work not a handout!

July, 2011

Human Resource Manager:

Full-time or Part-time

As a new resident to this Hawkesbury, Ontario community I am very excited to submit an application for the position posted. Please accept the attached resume as my expression of interest in the above employment opportunity.   

I have demonstrated experience and a strong interest in electronics and computers. My training has prepared me for this exciting career field as an associate. I have acquired various skills in customer service, purchasing, shipping and receiving.  I am motivated to sell and to provide quality customer service. I have obtained certification in WHMIS, Hospitality & Tourism, Service Excellence, First Aid and CPR.

I would bring to your organization a sincere commitment to team collaboration with an energetic approach in performing and carrying out responsibilities.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in person to further discuss my qualifications as well as my suitability for this position.

Thank you.

Gil McGillivary

Gil McGillivary

Phone: 1-613-632-8286

960 Cartier Blvd, K6A 1W7

Hawkesbury, Ontario


To obtain a position in an environment where I can demonstrate my quality customer service skills, and continue to grow professionally and personally.


  • ü  Strong communication skills,
  • ü  Capable of meeting the public in friendly manner,
  • ü  Honest,
  • ü  Organized,
  • ü  Detail-oriented,
  • ü  Thoughtful,
  • ü  Willing to continuously learn & industrious,
  • ü  Strong numeracy and problem solving skills
  • ü  Dedicated.

Leadership Qualities: baseball & soccer coach

Technical Skills

Computer Skills: Adobe, Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel & PowerPoint) Apple and PC operating systems

Work Experience

Municipal Employee - Town of The Pas, 2010-2008
Provincial Worker – Cree Nation Child & Family Caring Agency 2007-2006
CounselorKawechetonawaw Center 2006
Probation Officer – Community Corrections 2005-2003
Native Court worker - Native Counseling Services of Alberta 1994-1992
Purchasing Agent - Canada Employment & Immigration 1990-92 Canada Place - Edmonton


Service Excellence Training – Ontario Tourism Education Corp. – Certification in Tourism Essentials (Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, Ottawa) Certificate in Retail Sales Associate. 2010
Bachelor of Arts - Concordia University College Major: World History/Native Culture; Minor: Information Sciences (Edmonton) 1995-1998.
U.C.E.P. Certificate - (Grade 12 equivalent), Concordia College - Edmonton

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Northwest Passage

North West Passage was discovered by explorers of the North West Company! McGillivray's map is at Toronto McGill University. I want this back.
Detroit was taken by the NWC.