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Thursday, July 21, 2011

One of the Schooners that was sunk in the late summer of 1814 was the Nancy.

It was sunk at the mouth of the Nottawasaga River. I mention this because someone a few days ago was enquiring where the North West Company schooners were sunk. If they find it, I'd like to see it, for posterity sake or possibly to put at the McGillivray NorthWest Museum, should it ever be built. I will put more information how much the NorthWest Company contributed much more to the building of this nation. Hudson Bay Company did not participate as much as my ancestor, nor was he compensated enough for the country we so enjoy.

Another matter I want to point out to the ingrates at the Museum of Civilization who falsely portray our outstanding Metis community & First Nation people read this excerpt for yourself & tell me if your view changes on how you portray my ancestors.

"McGillivray Lord of the NorthWest" by Marjorie Wilkins-Campbell

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