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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Seems to be another Rodney.

Digging for Roots: Old Photos It's probably time that you met Martha (Dool) Brown since we have been talking so much about her in these Digging For Roots boxes. Martha was born in Canada West in 1842, just a year or two after her Mother and Father came to Oxford-on-Rideau Township from Taylorstown in Northern Ireland. She married Robert Brown on June 10th in 1879, at the late age of 37. She still managed to raise four children before she died in 1917. She must have been very proud of the fact that her husband was one of the stone masons who built the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Courtesy of Rodney Brown, Merrickville, and James Gillespie, Kemptville, Ontario. I'm taking this Ancestral Digging for your roots class & found this on their site. @rodneybrown

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